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Jessica is a Lancaster Pennsylvania native who joined the Army after graduating from Penn Manor High School.  Her personal journey has included several reinventions of self. 


From Son & Brother,

to Soldier,

to Husband,

to Career Ladder Climber

to Full Time Childcare Giver

to Daughter & Sister

to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

to Activist

Through it all she has written poetry.  She has explored her darkness.  And her light.  She has explored the beauty and magic of everyday moments.  And she has explored the social and political realities that so many are suffering under.

She has fought for marriage equality, equal protections under the law for LGBTQIA+ community members, sensible gun regulations, and the separation of church and state.  As the founder and CEO of FIC Human Resources she is dedicated to Fostering Inclusive Cultures in the workplace.  In her home town of Lancaster she has been a founding member of The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition and the First Board President of the Lancaster Pride Association. 


She stands against discrimination and inequity in all of its forms.

If her journey, writing, and activism has taught her anything, it is that we can change the world one positive experience at a time.

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Sometimes our silence is just our voice gathering the strength to carry the heavier words of change.

~Jessica Jaymes Purdy


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